Modes. 15th January 1829

15th of January 1829

Young people wear to balls dresses of crepe, whose hem is trimmed with a bias fold close to the feet, and surmounted with three pleats. Sometimes these pleats are in satin of a different colour to the dress: then, bodice and sleeves are in harmony with the pleats.

We border most bodices with two or three bands tulle, gathered and pleated into large piping; but the shoulders are always off the body.

Besides the arrows, ears of wheat, and flowers in pearls that ornament head dresses of hair, there are belts of pearls; we clip even satin bodices with pearl rosettes.

Some fashionists trim the bottom of a ball dress, whose bodice is pink or blue, with moire ribbons in the colour of the bodice. These ribbons form a treillage that goes up to the knees.

Often, young elegants wear a tulle dress over a dress of yellow satin. The tulle dress is embroidered with carnation buds, ad, at the height of the knees, a range of bouquets.

Berets are, like head-dresses of hair, ornamented with pearls. Often a beret of eminence coloured plain velvet is bordered with two rows of pearls; a rosette in pearls is embroidered on the flat; and three or four cordons of pearls finish in a tassel descending to the shoulder.


Some fashionists wear black tortoiseshell eyeglasses in the form of a figure of 8: a black ribbon, passed in the upper part, suspends them on the chest at the height of the second button of the redingote.

We now make ballroom shoes, for men, in patent leather.

The beaux-fils wear to the ball, knee tight trousers, which mark well the calf, and which are narrow to the bottom of the leg. These trousers only descend to the ankle; they have silk under-feet[?]. Waistcoats are in little velvet in bright blue with fantasy designs. The coat, black or brown, a collar very large in the same fabric: the lapels are wide and have sharp points; the waist low and narrow, the sleeves just to the wrist, and short enough to see a flat or pleated cuff.

The big fashion is to have blue gloves, sewn and embroidered in white silk.


To today’s sheet is joined engravings 2662 and 2663


Satin hat ornamented with blond and flowers by Mme Beauvais, Rue Ste Anne, No 77. Dress of merino embroidered in silk.


Cloth [broadcloth or similar?] coat from Mr Barde, Rue Vivienne, entirely lined in silk. Waistcoat of embroidered grosgrain. Under-waistcoat in velvet. Trousers of cashmere. Cloak of cloth [broadcloth or similar?] lined in staff, and a plush collar. Cloth suit from Mr Barde.

From: Journal des Dames et des Modes

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