Modes. 20th January 1829

20th of January 1829

In general the hats offer pink under black, white under violet, ponceau [poppy-colour] under green, yellow under brown; pink and blue all united, uncut with other colours. When a hat isn’t ornamented with willow or two esprits, it has, for a trimming, a great number of very long white feathers.

To ornament head-dresses of hair, there are gauze ribbon cockades, in a colour called cheveaux [hair colour], which is more or less dark, more or less light, nuanced to the shade chestnut, brown, or blonde, of the tresses. These ribbons are woven with gold or silver.

We have seen at a ball, hops in bloom, interspersed with ponceau [poppy-coloured] feathers, the whole forming a crown. Other garlands are composed of bunches of grapes and roses. As an ornament to the ball coiffure, it is necessary again to mention the pink geranium.

We call sleeves montees a l’anglais, those which have, in addition to the circumference of the sleeve and the armscye, a crescent of fabric, of similar fabric to the dress, but gathered and pleated in a thousand pleats. This crescent represents the epaulette of the uniform of British troops. Sometimes it is in velvet on a satin dress, and satin on a redingote of velvet. Its purpose seems to be to allow the dressmaker to attach the sleeves very low, below the shoulder.

A few fashionists have brought back to the wrist the circular bouffant which, last summer, on sleeves a la Marie, enveloped the elbow. Thus descended, we name it manchette.

We make, for ladies who don’t dance at balls, lots of dresses in embroidered grosgain.

In going out for a ball, some ladies put on pelisses entirely lined in fur. These witz-chouras descent less low than normal pelisses.

The round collar on men’s cloaks falls lower than the elbow.

Oddity of the moment: there are women’s stockings the colour of flesh under which little birds are embroidered in Navarin blue, or butterflies painted in colour.


To the sheet of today is joined engraving 2664


Hair-style ornamented with lame ribbons and pearls by Mr Mulot. Dress of crepe trimmed with paws[?] bordered with selvedges of satin.

From: Journal des Dames et des Modes

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