Modes. 24th January 1829

25th of January 1829

We have spoken of frills en rideau, frills which, even in Chantilly blond, are a half ell high. The bias tucks, and even the ribbon treillages are the same height. We make the treillages in moire ribbon in a colour that that contrasts with the background of ball gowns, or in similar ribbons, that is to say, in pinks, blues, yellows, and whites.

The fullness of short sleeves, called en beret, is such that if we unpick one of these little sleeves, either gathered, or bubbled, or draped, from above the wrist which goes just around the arm between the elbow and the shoulder, one finds that the piece of fabric of a half yard, or even three quarters of a yard, has been used.

The sellers of novelties have trouble agreeing on the colour eminence; it is wanted by some to be purple.

We have seen at a belle assemblee lots of violet hats, lined in white, and a few lined in yellow. A hat of buff satin, lined and ornamented in transparent ponceau satin, hat for trimming two esprits that were white with a black curled base. Willow plumes, blue and black, or pink and black, ornament hats of black velvet, lined in vivid pink. A boiteaux willow has between the length of three knotted barbs, a black barb between two pink barbs, or a blue barb between two black. In the past, we called the boiteuse a feather of two colours separated at the edge.

A design of the name mephistopheles is a ponceau ribbon with spiked edges of black, or black with spiked edges of ponceau.

The most elegant hoods are of gros de Naples or of moire the colour of yellow bird of paradise/ On the edge of the pass[?] and on the flap, is embroidered with a garland of leaves of almond or of ivy, in ponceau silk. The edge has a high blond for trimming. In demi-neglige, the elegants wear redingotes of satin or of gros des Indes with a double pelerine. These pelerines are bordered with a fringe with four rows of braided silk net.


Some men’s coats are trimmed with sky blue plush. The little collar is of astracan grey.

At balls, there are fashionists who wear grey and black chequerboard stockings: their handkerchief is of batiste, with an inch wide hem; the corners alone are embroidered.


To today’s sheet is joined engraving 2665.


Coiffure ornamented with pearls and velvet by Mr Hippolite, Dress of gros des Indes trimmed with bubbles of gauze and satin palm leaves by Mme Hippolite.

From: Journal des Dames et des Modes

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