Newest London and Paris Fashions for August 1824

Sea-Side Dress


Dress of levantine or gros de Naples, of a pistachio colour, with five broad folds in bias, across the border, each headed by a narrow silk cordon of a beautiful rose colour; the corsage made a la vierge, with falling divided cape, narrow, and elegantly pointed at the corners, of the same material as the dress. French long sleeves, en gigot; the part from the wrist to the elbow, sitting close to the arm, and confined by bands corded with rose colour. The waist incircled by a band, the same material as the dress, bound with a narrow rouleau of rose coloured satin, with a rosette in front. Fine muslin petticoat trimmed with Urling’s lace. Hat of pink gros de Naples, the crown ornamented with satin, in treillage work, and full blown roses with foliage on the summit. Lappets to the hat of rose gauze, in bias. Kid shoes and gloves.

Evening Dress


Dress of white gauze lisse, with superb border en treillage, of the lightest shade of rose colour, each reseau edged with narrow silver cordon. The corsage made plain, beautifully marking out the contour, with a trimming round the bust to correspond with that of the skirt. – Mancherons of treillage work, uniting with the ornament round the bust. – Rich ceinture of a delicate pink silver gauze, placed on the left side. Sicilian hat of rose transparent net edged with silver. Feathers shaded with pink. The hair arranged in full curls, (on each side of the face) on which are seen a few white roses slightly intermingled with blond. Ear-rings, necklace and armlets of pearls.


Already do some of our fashionable summer retreats begin to recieve a few of those distinguished individuals belonging to the high and polished life, for whom, as the constant, and liberal patronesses of every art, the ministers of taste and fashion, are sedulously employing their carious talents, in adding to beauty by those graceful and well made garments, that give additional attraction to the contours of a fine female form; and in setting off the charms of a fasinating countenance by elegant and becoming head-dresses, which the artificial florist embellishes by the well imitated treasures of the garden, or, over which the plumassier teaches the … the feathered tribes to wave in graceful …

The various watering places begin … fill; and, this month, when the season … borough generally begins, it is expected … recieve some of our most wealth and … families to that place of fahsionable … chosen emissaries will follow where fashion … and our usual correspondents will not be … affording us every intelligence from all the … haunts of the modish world.

The bonnets in preparation for this month are peculiarly tasteful and elegant; we shall … a few for the notice of our fair readers; one is a beautiful corn flower blue of figured gros de Naples, but it is a shade lighter than the corn flower blue that is made use of in gowns or pelisses. The bonnet is lined with white and crowned with … of blue marabout feathers: the bonnet is … ornamented with white satin, and its lappets are composed of blue satin ribbon and tulle; … is cut in bias folds; all the ornaments on this … independant of the feathers, are extremely whimsical. A very beautiful carriage bonnet is … and is made of white stiffened tulle. It is ornamented on one side, with small white fanoy flowers … in stripes; the crown is trimmed with … edged with pink floize silk trimming and … en dents de loups; the interstices filled in full blown roses, and crowned with a superb … pink marabouts. A pink carriage hat is a charming head dress for a young and … female; it is of gros de Naples, with a full … ornament of broad blond, placed underneath … whence a rose bud is seen lying on the … hat is ornamented with pink gauze, roses, and lily of the valley.

A favourite home cornette is of fine blond … satin, beautifully ornamented with small … of flowers on each side: just over the te… each side. are two ornaments, in white satin, representing cornucopias, from whence peep convolvulus, rosebuds, and lillies of the valley. All the …nettes are particularly beautiful, and vary … in the richness of their materials, and the … of their ornaments, that they are fit for every … day, though, certainly, most appropriate … costume: the flowers that adorn them are …

Turbans seem much on the decline, elegant hats have taken their place, and are more appropriate to the summer, when so much time is spent in the viranda, or the garden summer pavillion; for fetes champetres there is no head-dress so truly classical: those of peach blossom satin, sprinkled with small pearls, and crowned with white feathers, are to be preferred to those that are all white.

There is but little difference in the make of the dresses since last month; the most recent novelty that we have seen, is a beautiful Polish robe dress of gros de Naples; the colour a lovely pink; the body is only partially low, and is made a la Vierge; the sleeves are short and very full, with slashes filled in with puckerings of the same material as the dress, and these puckerings are surrounded each by blond trimming. A tucker of blond stands up all round the bust. The usual rouleau ornament on the Polish robe, that seems to form the wrapping part of the skirt, and that all round the border, consists of rows formed of a kind of double rouleau of pink satin, separated in the middle by narrow silk cordon; the rich and beautiful effect of this trimming cannot be described. The sleeves of white muslin dresses for dishabille, are made en blouse, and the borders of the skirts are ornamented with flounces, set on rather scantily, and enriched with beautifully raised embroidery; the scallops, at the edge of the flounces, are worked in light and open kind of embroidery, a row of which is also introduced between each flounce. Dresses of gros de Naples continue to be trimmed at the border with bias folds like tucks.

It is expected that pelisses of fine India muslin, lined with light coloured sarcenet, will be much worn while the warm weather lasts. The variety of taste, at present, shews itself in adopting a greater mixture of colours than we have for some time witnessed; and there is also a feature of fashion less decided than we could wish; as those who have not taste or elegance, obtrude the heterogeneous mixture of discordant colours on the eye of refinement and delicacy, and the tawdry lover of finery consoles herself, in all the hues of the rainbow, at once, that she may wear anything now, for anything is the fashion. The tasteful lady, however, is never conspicuous, and is only distinguished by the sterling materials of the different articles of her attire, and the elegance and novelty of their make: she wears, as her out door costume, the beautiful petticoat of fine India muslin, embroidered magnificently, and finished at the hem with fine lace; and over that is the spencer or pelisse of the most beautiful light summer colours, generally of gros de Naples. White satin spencers, it is believed, will be worn for morning visits of ceremony, and dress carriage airings; they are a chaste and elegant article of dress, and admit a variety of colours in the bonnet, &c. worn with them.

The colours most in requisition, are, barberry-leaf-green, canary yellow, corn-flower-blue and pisachio. Pink and etherial blue, as is usual in the summer months, are universally in favour.


At the ball of St Maur, there were Organdy blouses, worked in a feather pattern between the bias folds round the border. The most elegant head-dresses were hats of white chip, surmounted with red poppies, or plumes. The ladies had on pointed handkerchiefs of white lace, which they kept on all the time they danced.

Bonnets of gros de Naples become daily more the mode; those of pale blue are ornamented with a very large rosette of white satin, which is placed on the top of the crown; those bonnets that are white, are lined with camel’s hair yellow, and trimmed with pinked silk, en chicoree (that is like the curled leaves of endive) the same colour as the lining, and with blond.

On fine leghorn hats are seen bunches of pinks and red poppies, and green and black poppies.

There are some hats of white gros de Naples with the brims as large as those of straw; their trimming consists of a large rosette and a branch of honey-suckles, a gold wheat-sheaf, or some sweet peas.

There are some fashionists who cover the crowns of their white chip bonnets with a net a l’Espagnole, which is formed of small meshes in crepe lisse, blue and white; the point of the net hangs down on one side, and terminates by a tuft of silk or an acorn of lace work.

The lappets of some morning caps are of ribbon chequered with blue on white: they cross under the chin, and then form a bow on the summit of the head.

Cambric pelisses button before, and are reckoned very elegant; the sleeves are composed of rows of clear and thick muslin, alternatively disposed en chevrons; sometimes these chevrons are double, two and two, and then the clear muslin is let in. Two or three pelerine capes finish the pelisse.

At the crowded audience for the benefit of Madame Theodore, there were seen many leghorn hats, ornamented with three, and some with five … feathers; they were flat, and towered … the other. At the base of these feathers … double rosette of white sarsnet ribbon. … very small dress bonnets, and dress hats … in gauze, in crape gauffree, or in crepe lisse, … they were ornamented with flowers; the … favour were roses in full bouquets, with … branch of sweet peas; the full blown roses as well as the buds, fell over the brim, nearly … edge, while the branch of sweet peas was … round the crown. There were very few … only were dressed in their own hair; there were two or three head-dresses a la neige.

Long sleeves were almost universal, clear and puffed out, with … bands worked in feather stitch. On clear muslin dresses, are worn fichus of the same material, wich large square notches round the border.

D … striped shot silks of two colours strikingly … such as Evelina blue and the colour of the marshmallow blossom, are much in favour.

… green ribbon on white chip hats, and … ribbons of the same colour, forming a … the bosom, the ends concealed under a sash of the same.

All the belts are a la Leonide, the … either of gold or polished steel; at the … blouses, and other dresses that have the sleeves en gigot, a small button in gold open work, completes the wristband.

Blue continues the most appro… colour. At some milliners are to be seen … walnut-tree coloured sarcenet, bordered … honeycomb trimming, of walnut tree and … the same trimming is used on straw coloured … nets, where the honeycomb is alternately … colour, or Evelina blue.

From: The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons

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