October 1829 Fashion Plates from: La Mode: Revue des modes, galerie de moeurs, album des salons

Tail coat without side pockets, waistcoat of silk brocade, cravat without the collar of the shirt.

Alpine dress, Moire hat.

Alpine dress, printed in the Magasins des Dames a la mode at 59, Rue des Petits-Champs, Satin hat, heeled ankle boots.

Morning Wrapper – – – – – – – – – – – – – Redingote of lined muslin

Bonnet d’Herbault in blond and flowers.

Over-dress in red cachemire, Greek embroidery in gold

Under-dress in white satin trimmed in blond

Folding Chinese fan, placed in the ???

Hat of sky blue velvet, lined in white satin from the atelier of Herbault

Dress of garnet coloured Indian reps, ciscan gloves from chez Bodier, Rue Richelieu

Corder’s[?] bonnet. Sleeved waistcoat of reindeer skin, patch pockets. Trousers in knit suede colour; from l’athenee des modes, rue Richelieu, No. 104. Leather gaiters from chez Boivin, rue Castiglione.

Black velvet robe trimmed with fringes of feathers. Beret a la Rob-roy with bird of paradies, the head with a ruby eye.

Coiffure of rose buds. White satin robe. Tunic in Japonnaise trimmed with rouleaux forming a chain. Sleeves of blond. Jewelled clasps. Garnet poplin cloak lined in green plush, large mantle in big pleats trimmed with a fringe.

New opera hat. Pleated Diebitsch. Brown coat reflecting blood colour [possibly a changeable fabric?], lined in similar velvet. Trousers of black cashmire.

Velvet train embroidered in gold. White satin robe trimmed in blond. Barbed mancherons and similar sleeves. Pearl adornment. Dress and train from Victorine. Coiffure from Frederic.

Berline made for S. A. R. Monseigneur le Duc de Bordeaux by Thomas Baptiste.

Convertible de Heliers by Thomas Baptiste, rue Lepelletier: No. 23.

From: La Mode: Revue des modes, galerie de moeurs, album des salons

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